Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is That a Thursday Night Game in Our Future?!

Oh yes. You read that right. This week we have a Thursday night home game, and I couldn't be more excited!

However, just one week ago, this was not the case. Well, okay, I was excited, but also a little bit worried. Early weather forecasts for Thursday did not look good. They did not look good at all. That nasty little "R" word was threatening to show up. Again.

Now don't get me wrong...IF it were to be not so great weather (we don't say THAT word), we would have put our big girl pants on and headed to the game anyway. We've done it before, we'll do it again. But we've already been soaked to the bone once this season. I mean, I truly believe that at one time or ten it was raining up from the ground that day. For real. So, all we want for this game is decent fall weather. SO...

Jessie (a.k.a. Fun Pusher) and I did what any good Hokie fans would do. We used reverse psychology on Mother Nature. We wished for rain. We talked all day long about how we couldn't WAIT to tailgate in the rain again because it was so much fun to be soaked from head to toe and to be numb for days and chilled all day. Yep. That's exactly what we did.

And it worked. The forecast now says it's going to be in the high 60s to lower 70s, and I believe that's a picture of the sun on the TV.

So, tomorrow, Jess, Rach, Meghan (welcome home Meghan!), and I are headed to Blacksburg. We're having lunch downtown. (Where are we going again?) We may hit the bookstore (because we all could use more Hokie gear), and then we're headed to the German Club to the Guys' Tailgate. (Thursday games are the guys' game and the guys' tailgate. We're invited because we're awesome!) We're going to gear up to kick some UNC arse.

Ladies and Gentleman, if you're curious as to what it's like, see below. Welcome to the Thursday night game:

Are you bouncing?

*Note: sorry the video is off. Um, yeah. I have no idea how to fix that!*


~Mendie~ said...

I'm watching it...hope they hold it out...17 to 14 right now! Hope you had fun!